Pavillon Bleu


The Pavillon Bleu is an internationally recognised eco-label and equivalent to official recognition by the French Office of the Foundation for Environmental Education in Europe (OF-FEEE), the efforts of a marina to reduce Its negative impact notably in the environmental field and represents a benchmark in the field of tourism and sustainable development.

This eco-label meets criteria that fall into four categories:

  • Criteria related to site management
  • Criteria related to the management of the environment.
  • Criteria related to water management.
  • Criteria related to the management of the environment.

“The Blue Flag program enables the development of coastal and inland waters through criteria of excellence in education and environmental information, environmental management, water quality management And environments, security, services. This label allows the coordination of tourism and environmental policies at the local, regional or international level. ”

The Pavillon Bleu label is awarded for one year, so every year, candidates must redouble their efforts to obtain this label.

To be labeled, you must be a candidate, meet all the essential criteria, have a global environmental policy, be in the spirit of the Blue Flag, ie in a sustainable tourism approach and follow the recommendations of the Jury Issued by the national jury year by year.

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