Our offers

Free WiFi access: 30minutes per day

Paying access

  • 2GB to 6.00 €
  • 5GB to 11.99 €
  • 15GB to 18.00 €
  • 25GB to 24.00 €
  • 40GB to 32.00 €
  • 50GB to 39.00 €
  • 100Go to 48.00 €

WiFi coverage of the Marina

The marina has a new Wifi system that covers all the pontoons and part of the mooring. In order to guarantee a better service, BI-Band Antennas offer two possible frequencies 2.4Ghz and 5.0 Ghz. In addition, the channels were chosen to facilitate connection and limit interference with other parasitic systems.


Connection problem…

Check the power of your signal and watch if you see an access point nearby.

Connect but the captive portal does not appear ….

Enter manually into the url bar: http://controller.access.network/portal

Scrupulously respect the different characters of the identifier and the password. It sounds simple, but 60% of the time the problems come from there.

Maximum number of connections for this account is reached …

We remind you that you have the possibility to register 3 equipments (1 to 25Gb access) or 5 equipments (40 to 50Gb accessà per identifiers.

View your data consumption ….

You can consult your data consumption directly on the captive portal after your connection.

Disruptions on the network …

Your browsing speed is reduced, the web pages are difficult to load. Without asking any questions you will say that it is a bandwidth problem, that the network is saturated …

Wifi is a very complex, fragile and scalable system. That is, we evolve in a chaotic environment (Microwave, laptop, computer, tablet). All these equipments evolve and cohabit together on similar frequencies. Unfortunately this causes disruptions that will interfere with your connection.

Signal Wi-Fi too low …

Sometimes the signal may be too weak. Because of this, it is said that the signal is not exploitable …

First of all, it is necessary to know that the WiFi waves do not withstand the obstacles (hull of boats, masts, metal piles). Then, the power of a WiFi signal is specific to each machine. That is to say that we do not have the same wifi card and therefore we will receive the signal with different powers …

Nevertheless, there are several solutions to improve the quality of its signal:

  • Avoid all obstacles
  • Prefer a connection on the deck rather than in the boat
  • Installing an antenna or bullet

Antennas, what are they used for?

Thanks to WiFi antennas, you will get a better connection (higher signal, stability of the connection).

Nevertheless, we advise you to learn more about its use because an antenna badly positioned and badly adjusted can harm your connection as well as that of the others.

For this we have professionals working on the marina and offer various products adapted to your needs (Bullet 2hp, Bullet 5, antenna 8db, antenna 15db, alpha network..etc).

WiFi Coverage Map