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One of Blaken's favorite ways to modify Rolex is black plating. In fact, not only Blaken, but also many refitting watch factories like to modify Rolex with black plating. The reason is very simple. The black plating is cool and personality. Rolex does not officially have black-plated watches. But we know that modified Rolex is not only expensive, but also no longer enjoy Rolex official after-sales service after modification. In contrast, the Tudor, known as the "Little Rolex", is cheaper, and officially has an All Black Tudor Black-Bay. What else to modify Rolex?

All Black Tudor Black-Bay Replica Watch

It is not the first time that Tudor has launched an All Black style sports watch, but I think this All Black Tudor Black-Bay Replica Watch can be called the pinnacle of beauty. The all-black color scheme fits the Tudor Black-Bay watch so well, so I believe that this watch is not just limited to feelings, it is an extremely good high-value watch, cool and stylish, and unique. For those who like to modify Rolex in black but are not available, it is a very cost-effective alternative, tudor replica watches.

This All Black Tudor Black-Bay Replica Watch is made of a distinctive matte steel material with a matte finish, and is decorated with an all-black coating processed by a physical vapor deposition process (PVD). The advantage of PVD technology is that it will not produce pollutants harmful to the environment during the electroplating process, and the color of the finished product can be maintained for a long time without being affected by sunlight and other related factors. It also strengthens the corrosion resistance of the plated body; but once the PVD case Scratched or hit by some extremely hard objects, the metal body underneath may still be exposed. This technology has been very mature and is widely used in the bezel, unless it encounters special circumstances, so there is no need to worry about fading.

Like other Tudor Black-Bay, the black steel model has a diameter of 41 mm, a matte black PVD steel fixed bezel with a matte black anodized aluminum tachymeter bezel, and a date window at 6 o'clock. The hour and minute hands, as well as the dot hour markers (including the 12 o'clock triangular hour markers) are coated with luminous, and basic time information can be read in the dark. The watch is water resistant to 200 meters. In terms of movement, the All Black Tudor Black-Bay Replica Watch is equipped with a modified version of EAT-5813. The movement contains a column wheel and a vertical chronograph clutch wheel device. It has a 70-hour power reserve and strong performance. Here rolex clone

watches there are many models that also use this movement.

Unlike many other Black-Bay watches with one watch and three straps (steel band, leather belt, textured strap), this All Black Tudor Black-Bay Replica Watch has only one strap to choose from-the watch is matte Light black PVD steel strap. I think this is very wise. The case, strap, lugs, etc. are all black. I can't imagine what it would look like when replaced with other straps. Even if it is replaced with a black leather belt or a textured strap, it will be less interesting than a black steel strap.

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